Moderator: Adnan Rondic

Bozidar Radovic, DNV GL – Introductory presentation on: Reform of the Renewable Energy Support Scheme System in BiH

• Proposed mechanisms for small and large-scale RES (Auctions, FiT, FiP, Net Billing)
• Options for Community Energy
• Institutional Set-Up and Processes
• Estimated support costs per technology and existing potentials
• Outlook for implementation


1. Nikola Dubajic, State Electricity Regulatory Commission
2. Tim Mennel, DNV
3. Emanuele Bianco, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
4. Vasilios Anatolitis, Fraunhofer
5. Nada Ceranic, Regulatory Commission for Energy of Republika Srpska
6. Eldar Hukic, Regulatory Commission for Energy in FBiH
7. Milka Mumovic, Energy Community Secretariat

On one hand, RE policy generally enjoys broad support in the BIH, while on the other hand calls for a reform of the RE support schemes are also widespread. These views reflect the dynamic changes in RE deployment across Europe and beyond: With extraordinary expansion of RE generation installed capacities across the continent, new challenges have arisen, including market and network integration of renewable energy sources due to their intermittent nature and complexity in forecasting their generation outputs.

The panel shall discuss the process of the reform of the RE support schemes with the wider audience in order to get feedback on the outlook of implementation of the proposed mechanisms and options.

Technology improvements over the past decade have led to significant cost decrease per installed kW. Most countries aim to reap the benefits of technology improvement by introducing more cost-efficient support mechanisms. Similarly, energy policy makers in BIH want to ensure that costs for further RE expansion are curbed. Moreover, future support schemes must be aligned to the environment of a liberalized electricity sector, as BIH is planning to introduce a market system in the next years.

The proposed reform aims at both reducing RE support cost and facilitating development of RE projects in a fully liberalized electricity sector environment. Distinctive proposals for RE support scheme reform for large-scale and for small-scale installations have been made.