Moderator: Adnan Rondić

The reform of the gas sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been stalled for years. The Energy Community has imposed sanctions for the lack of an adequate legal framework that is in line with the requirements of the Energy Community Treaty to which BiH is a signatory. What is missing in the BiH legislative framework? USAID EIA is preparing a report on the primary legislation and key regulations in BiH and its compliance with the EU acquis that features a gap analysis and recommendations.

Tariff setting regulations for gas transportation are the key element for non-discriminatory network access, which is a prerequisite for the establishment and development of the functioning gas market. Transport tariffs can also have a major impact on the network users and on the financial sustainability of projects. Recent EnC estimates have pointed out the parts of the non-compliance of BiH legislation with the EU legal framework, including provisions related to the tariffs for gas transportation. Creating and implementing an efficient and non-discriminatory regulatory framework based rooted in the EU required Entry-Exit System and on the BiH jurisdictions and a clear methodology for setting the transport tariffs will not only help to resolve these issues, but will also ensure the fulfillment of BiH’s obligations as a signatory of the EnC Treaty.

Gas as an energy that would be used in the transition from coal to renewable sources is not being considered seriously, and projects are planned to reduce current gas consumption and endanger any diversification needs.

Introductory Presentation: Status of the BiH Gas Sector – Mak Kamenica, USAID EIA_ Konstantin Petrov, DNV GL


1. Amira Pintul – FBiH Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry
2. Milenko Todorovic – RS Ministy of Energy and Industry
3. Admir Softić – Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH
4. Ljubo Glamocic – Gas Res
5. Jasmin Salkic – BH Gas
6. Goran Francic – USAID EIA
7. Slavo Krajisnik – Sarajevo Gas East Sarajevo
8. Konstantin Petrov – USAID EIA