Moderator: Adnan Rondic

Intorductory presentation – Energy Transition – Are the Media Ready – Lejla Turcilo, FPN Sarajevo


1. Lejla Turcilo, Faculty of Political Sciences Sarajevo
2. Sanela Pokrajcic, Regulatory Commission for Energy in FBiH
3. Ana Bokonjic – Buha, Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske
4. Alma Dautbegović, TV N1
5. Sanela Klaric, FBiH Parliament
6. Elma Haveric, USAID EIA
7. Una Bejtovic, Bejtovic Communications
8. Adela Topalovic, BHRT

Energy sector transition is a process that cannot be achieved only by changing laws, regulations and strategies. Transition is a process that also takes place in the way of thinking of citizens, and as such, must be adequately communicated. In order for the transition to be understandable, citizens need to know the answers to the questions about how the transition will be implemented and why. The panel will address the role of media in local communities and informing the citizens about community energy. It is the media that is the channel and partner that will influence public awareness on the benefits of the energy transition.

The goal of the panel is to get feedback from the panelists, what actually are they interested in, what they expect from the energy sector stakeholders and institutions representatives, and how to adequately communicate the process of transition of the energy sector.